Richard Slaughter


To See With Fresh Eyes. Integral Futures and the Global Emergency - Richard A Slaughter (2012)

Genre: Non-fiction
This book tracks the emergence of an integral futures perspective through a carefully edited selection of work by one of the... more

The Biggest Wake-Up Call in History - Richard A Slaughter (2010)

Genre: Non-fiction
This book is the product of a thirty year career in futures studies and applied foresight. It is divided into two sections. The... more

Strategic Foresight Monograph Series - (2006)

Genre: Non-fiction
This series was published as part of a program on 'Creating and sustaining social foresight' that was hosted by the Australian... more

Futures Thinking for Social Foresight (2005)

Genre: Educational
Futures Thinking for Social Foresight is a compendium of concepts, tools, simple methods, exercises, reflections and many other... more

Futures Beyond Dystopia - Creating Social Foresight (2004)

Genre: Non-fiction
Futures Beyond Dystopia takes the view that the dominant trends in the world suggest a long-term decline into unliveable... more

Futures for the Third Millennium - Enabling the Forward View (1999)

Genre: Educational
This book celebrates the coming-of-age of futures studies and marks its emergence into the intellectual and applied mainstream.... more

Gone Today, Here Tomorrow: Millennium Previews - (1999)

Genre: Non-fiction
What was the 20th century and what, exactly, does it mean? These are not simple questions. They are sure to be debated by... more

World Yearbook of Education 1988. Futures Education - (1998)

Genre: Educational
As a new century approaches students need not only insight into the past and present but also foresight into the future. Futures... more

New Thinking for a New Millennium - (1996)

Genre: Educational
As a new millennium approaches there is an increasing need to look to the future rather than addressing the past. In this volume... more

The Knowledge Base of Futures Studies. Vol 1: Foundations - (1996)

Genre: Non-fiction
First of three substantive volumes written by leading international authors. It covers the origins of the field, futures concepts... more

The Knowledge Base of Futures Studies. Vol 2: Organisations, Practices, Products - (1996)

Genre: Non-fiction
Second of three volumes of a substantive overview of the field by leading international authors. Covers: futures organisations,... more

The Knowledge Base of Futures Studies. Vol 3: Directions and Outlooks - (1996)

Genre: Non-fiction
Third volume in a substantive series written by a team of leading international authors. Includes sections on: new directions in... more

The Foresight Principle: Cultural Recovery in the 21st Century (1995)

Genre: Non-fiction
This is a book with a simple but profound message - we do not have to walk blindly into the 21st Century. By taking the in-built... more

Futures Tools and Techniques (1995)

Genre: Educational
For some time there has been a need for a practical workbook of futures tools and techniques. This book is an attempt to fulfil... more

Education for the Twenty First Century (1993)

Genre: Educational
Schools have traditionally drawn their inspiration, curriculum and rationale from the past. Without being naively predictive,... more

Futures Concepts and Powerful Ideas (1991)

Genre: Educational
The two main purposes of this book are to: complement the companion volume on Futures tools and techniques and, in so doing, to... more

Studying the Future (1989)

Genre: Educational
The book forms part of the Bicentennial Futures Education Project (BFEP) 1988-1990. The project worked with a number of schools... more

Recovering the Future (1988)

Genre: Educational
This book attempts to fill a gap in the futures literature by showing how a critical futures approach can facilitate... more

Birds in Bermuda (1975)

Genre: Non-fiction
The story of colonisation of Bermuda and the impacts of human development on the island's flora and fauna. Profusely illustrated... more

Richard A Slaughter completed one of the first PhDs in futures studies at the University of Lancaster in 1982. He is an internationally recognised futurist / foresight practitioner, author, editor, teacher and innovator who has worked with a wide range of organisations in many countries and at all educational levels. He has built a reputation through futures scholarship, educational innovation, strategic and social foresight and the identification of a knowledge base for futures studies (KBFS). Currently he is Director of Foresight International (FI) in Brisbane. ( After stints at several universities he was invited by the VC of Swinburne University in Melbourne to set up the Australian Foresight Institute. During 1999 to 2004 he was Foundation Professor of Foresight there and pioneered new approaches to advanced foresight training and research. A research program on Creating and Sustaining Social Foresight was funded and supported by the Pratt Foundation and produced a series of leading edge monographs. ( He is a long standing fellow of the World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF). During 2001 - 2005 he was its President. He is a prolific writer and holds several editorial positions. These include: board member of Futures (Oxford, UK), Foresight (UK), the Journal of Futures Studies (Tamkang University, Taiwan) and series editor of The Knowledge Base of Futures Studies (FI, Brisbane). His first book was Birds in Bermuda (Bermuda Bookstores, 1975). He is co-author of Education for the 21st Century (Routledge, 1993), author of The Foresight Principle - Cultural Recovery in the 21st Century (Praeger, 1995) editor of New Thinking for a New Millennium (Routledge, 1996) and co-editor of the World Yearbook of Education 1998: Futures Education (Kogan Page, London 1998). He has published a series of futures resource books and an edited volume of essays: Futures for the Third Millennium: Enabling the Forward View (Prospect, Sydney, 1999) as well as a collection of papers by various authors from The ABN Report entitled: Gone Today, Here Tomorrow: Millennium Previews (Prospect, Sydney, 2000). A number of his publications have been revised and re-issued on a series of CD-ROMs, beginning with the Knowledge Base of Futures Studies vols 1-5 (FI, 2005) and Towards a Wise Culture: Four ‘Classic’ Futures Texts (FI, 2006). In 2006 a set of three DVDs on Pathways to Foresight was produced and published by Peak Futures, Colorado, USA, ( and FI. He is the author of Futures Beyond Dystopia: Creating Social Foresight (Routledge, London, 2004) and, with M Bussey, of Futures Thinking for Social Foresight, a compendium of teaching resources and strategies which is also available on CD-ROM (Tamkang University Press, 2007, 2nd edition, FI, 2012). With an international team of researchers Richard completed a study on the State of Play in the Futures Field (SOPIFF) for the Foundation for the Future, Seattle in 2008, later published in Foresight 11, 5, 2009. In 2010 he published a much-praised overview of the global predicament in The Biggest Wake-Up Call in History (FI, 2010) followed by To See With Fresh Eyes: Integral Futures and the Global Emergency (FI, 2012). He has received professional recognition from several sources. These include three ‘Most Important Futures Works’ awards from the Association of Professional Futurists. The first was for the 2005 Knowledge Base of Futures Studies, Professional Edition, CD-ROM. The second was for a special issue of Futures on Integral Futures Methodologies in 2008. The third was for The Biggest Wake-Up Call in History. During 2009 Richard was appointed as Patron of the Asian Foresight Institute which is based at Dhurakij Pundit University in Bangkok. Then in 2010 he was voted one of ‘the best all-time Futurists’ by members of the Foresight Network, Shaping Tomorrow. He is attempting to slowly ‘wind back’ a close to 40-year commitment to futures work in favour of a number of other fruitful activities. These include bird photography, early European art and a small but growing number of grandchildren. Richard's weblog, which contains commentaries, reviews, recent work, You Tube clips, image galleries and other resources, is at: Apart from the FI site he also administers Integral Futures ( and Strategic Foresight TV (